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€24,000 Sit &amp; Go Races

This August/September CasinoClub Poker will be running 2 Sit &amp; Go races with a total prizepool of €24,000!!! After all, who doesn’t love a good sit and go tournament? Best of all, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, CasinoClub Poker’s got a race for you.

Sit and Go Race – No Fee Offer
Join us in a Sit and Go Race on the 18th September and we’ll refund your registration fee. Every little helps!
It’s one of our most popular events and we’ve made it even better!
In conjunction with our €12,000 Sit &amp; Go Race running between the 18th &amp; 25th September, we have decided to help you get off to a good start this month by making all Sit &amp; Go Tournaments on the 18th of September “No-Fee”.
All you need to do is contact us with your details.
In order to qualify for the “No-Fee” promotion, e-mail your Pin or Username to [email protected] stating that you would like to be included in the promotion.
All claims need to be submitted by the 21st September at 23:59 GMT.

Zagraj z nami w Sit &amp; Go Wyścig od 18 września, a my zwrócimy Ci opłaty rejestracyjne.

W połączeniu z naszymi € 12,000 Sit &amp; Go Wyścig rozpoczynający się w dniach 18-25 września, zdecydowaliśmy się pomóc wystartować w tym miesiącu, przez co wszystkie Turnieje Sit &amp; Go na 18 września będą bez opłat &quot;No-Fee&quot;.
Wszystko, co musisz zrobić, to skontaktować się z nami swoimi danymi.
W celu zakwalifikowania się do promocji &quot;No-Fee&quot; ,prześlij e-mail PIN lub nazwę użytkownika na adres [email protected] potwierdzając, że chcesz być uwzględniony w promocji.
Wszystkie reklamacje należy składać przez 21 września o godzinie 23:59 GMT
suchoparek 1,8K



This February: a Valentine’s Lovers and Leap Year Special!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, CasinoClubPoker is giving all its players the opportunity to take home a slice of our €10,000 prize pool. From the 14thFebruary, any players who complete the criteria listed below can win a cash prize! At CasinoClubPoker, we feel the love, and are giving players three different ways to take home part of our Honey Pot:

  1. If you win a hand with a Heart Flush – €25
  2. Lose 3 hands with a King and Queen of Hearts – €25
  3. Win a hand with a Straight Flush in Hearts – €250

Each Customer can make a maximum of 3 Claims!
All hands are played on 12c/25c NL and PL Texas Holdem tables (and above), or 25c/50c limit TH tables (and above).
This promotion is available to all players (regardless of current bonuses) until the total prize pool of €10,000 has been paid out. At this point the promotion ends.
To claim your prize, you must email [email protected] within 72 hours with the hand numbers. You can find full terms and conditions
€12,500 Leap Year Special
CasinoClubPoker is offering its players some extra rewards to celebrate the extra leap day in February: a couple of Freerolls and an Added Money Tournament! An overview of what’s on is shown below:
Date Time Tournament Requirements
29th Feb 2012 18:30 €2,500 New Player LeapRoll For all new players in February
29th Feb 2012 19:00 €5,000 Added!! €5 + €0.5 Buy-in
29th Feb 2012 19:30 €5,000 LeapRoll 250 Raked Hands in February
For more information, please visit the „MULTI TOURNEY” section of our Poker lobby; all these tournaments will be displayed in Purple. Full terms and conditions you find
Don’t Forget Our BadBeat Jackpot: Now Over €160 000!
Having your best hand beaten is one of the most heartbreaking aspects of poker. At CasinoClubPoker, we have something that just might ease the pain – our BadBeat Jackpot. If you haven’t tried playing yet, now is definitely the time. The jackpot now stands at a staggering €160 000!
How can you qualify for the jackpot?

  • Play at one of our Bad Beat Jackpot tables with the B-symbol.
  • Use both your pocket cards in your winning or losing hand.
  • Lose a hand with Four of a Kind Tens , or better.
  • 4 or more players must be dealt into the hand.

For full details of our BadBeat Jackpot terms and conditions
Good luck at the tables.
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